Our Program

Saud Unite engages young people to develop projects through 6 programmatic divisions that work with:

Empowering Street Children (With Health & Hygiene Awareness, Life Skills & Education)

Addressing Mental Health Issues & Developing Life Skills with Adolescents

Awareness & Advocacy on HIV & AIDS, Gender, Sexuality, Health, and Rights

The Right to Information Act, Governance & Citizenship

Promoting, Protecting and Sustaining Independent Music

Encouraging Human Rights through Film

Saud Unite’s focus over the next two years is to increase young people’s engagement with human rights work and to create stronger, more inclusive and practical social impact through the following programs. In 2016, the organization undertook its first 3-year strategic planning process, with inputs from our partners and donors. Saud Unite is run by a team of 15 staff members, who work full-time and part-time, between 16-26 years of age. Saud Unite staff work with volunteers to develop institutional capacities to fundraise; monitor, evaluate and assess institutional goals; coordinate media and press relationships; monitor finances, due diligence and administration and oversee the content development and on-ground execution of programs.